A Partnership with Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer

A Partnership

The Flinders Centre for Innovation in Cancer (FCIC) is a joint venture between the Flinders Foundation, Flinders University and Flinders Medical Centre. Co-located with the hospital and university, the FCIC is a hub of research excellence and compassionate care for all affected by cancer.

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Treating the majority of cancer patients in the southern regions of South Australia as well as parts of the Northern Territory, Flinders Medical Centre practitioners are well-established professionals known in Australia and overseas for their cutting-edge work.

Drawing on this expertise, the FCIC has been designed to improve cancer care and resources for our patients. Furthermore, to establish improved translation of research into clinical tools, more than 100 leading Flinders University cancer investigators work hand in hand with these health professionals to create better outcomes.

Supporting this vision, the Flinders Foundation has played a pivotal role in finding the resources to build the new Centre. As the driving force behind a multi-million dollar fundraising campaign, the Flinders Foundation has attracted key supporters who, with the help of the Australian community and State and Federal Government, have made this building possible.

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